At Quality Care Landscape Management Inc. we provide a variety of Land Care services, our service offerings effectively cover all of our customers on going needs as well as well as occasional and seasonal services in the area of Landscape Maintenance. 

Scheduled Landscape Maintenance

 We provide Scheduled Landscape Maintenance services on a Weekly and Bi-weekly basis for Commercial, Residential, Home Owners Association, Corporate Retail, and House of Worship customers throughout the Phoenix metro area.  Services include, Trimming of Bushes and shrubs, Mowing and Edging Lawn areas, blowing granite, sidewalks, and paved surfaces, removal of weeds, grooming of gravel areas, trimming of trees with gas shears up to about 8 ft. , trash removal, collection and haul away of all landscape debris. Our staff will also check and adjust irrigation control clock programming.

Amazing Clean Ups!

Amongst residential and even some commercial customers a very popular service is our Amazing Clean Up !  Customers love them and honestly so do we. There is a great satisfaction in taking a overgrown, or unsightly landscape and turning it around,  creating a beautiful and enjoyable environment for the customer. The WOW factor is just hard to beat when it comes to our Amazing Clean Up Jobs.

Irrigation Systems

At Quality Care Landscape & Lawn Service we repair and install irrigation systems.  Here in Arizona irrigation systems of one variety or another are mandatory in maintaining landscapes, with the only exceptions being those made up of truly native plant matter. Most folks have landscapes that are dependent on a properly functioning landscape irrigation system. The phoenix landscape is beautiful but reliant on supplemental water being supplied to plant matter. We are ready and able to help maintain or repair your irrigation system to keep it running properly,  and effectively supplying water to the plants in your landscape. Valves, Control Clocks, Turf Sprinklers, drip irrigation, PVC pipe repair, and all services required to keep your landscape green and healthy are available when you need us ! Our service repair staff are experienced and properly equipped with necessary testing tools to make trouble shooting your irrigation fast and easy.


Tree Care

While Quality Care Landscape & Lawn Service is not a full service tree care company, our owner has completed Arborist Training and Certification through the International Society of Arboriculture. This certification was obtained in order to insure that our customers have access to professional expertise and information when it comes to their Trees. We do provide Tree care services for our customers.  As part of your Scheduled Maintenance service you can expect our crewmen to maintain the canopy of trees on your property to a height of 8-10 ft. above grade. Simply put, we keep your trees trimmed up for you as a mater of maintenance routine.

Additional Services:

Mow, Trim, & Blow -- Landscape Installations -- Storm Damage -- Haul Away -- Annual Flowers & Containers -- Consultation  

Our Staff:

At Quality Care Landscape & Lawn Service we are proud of our employees. They are good hard working people. Our staff members are chosen based on a few simple yet all important criteria.

Work Ethic

Quality Care Landscape & Lawn Service staff must have a great work ethic. Employees who are  consistently reliable  are required in order to insure that we are able to provide our services are constantly and reliably to out customers. Folks that have trouble being on time to work or not working as scheduled are not tolerated. Our guys are stable individuals who value their jobs and report to work as expected.

Skill Set

New hires at Quality Care Landscape & Lawn Service are expected to come to work with the necessary skills to perform our jobs for customers in a professional manner on day one. We do not seek trainees, Rookies, or day laborers. We seek to employ individuals with necessary previous work experiences to be an asset to our company and our customers immediately upon hire. Our position is that training and skill building can be done working for someone else and not out our customer’s jobsite. Simply put we only seek seasoned professionals on our customers job sites.


At Quality Care Landscape & Lawn Service we recognize that we are in the “People Business”. While we maintain Land, Plants and property it is for the benefit of the people that occupy these spaces. In order to insure that our customers, the people, are best served it is necessary to employ folks that both know the job and possess the necessary skill set but have a Customer Service oriented personality and state of mind. Folks with bad attitudes are not tolerated and will not be on out customers jobsites. Our Staff are friendly, helpful, and polite folks who take pride in their work. We also require that our customers as well are friendly and polite folks. All services provided can easily be achieved through the Please and Thank You system. We expect our Staff to always treat customers with respect and in a courteous manner, and we also expect that our staff is always treated with dignity and in a polite manner as well.

English Speaking

All employees of Quality Care Landscape and Lawn Service must be able to effectively communicate in English. Having necessary skills is not useful if employees cannot understand instructions given to them by their supervisor, or input from customers. To be effective and efficient a crew must be able to work as a team and in order to be a team communication amongst all individuals involved is a must. Therefore we require our employees to be fluent in English.

Professional Appearance

Employees of Quality Care Landscape & Lawn Service are required to wear company uniform shirt and work place appropriate pants and foot wear. Our service providers are professionals and we require that they look like professionals as well. While it is true that it is a dirty job, and out guys will not likely look like they arrived at your job site straight from a Board meeting, they are expected to present a respectable and professional image while on your job site.

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